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The Legacy

BIOGRAPHY: George Trevino (Guitar), Paul De Leon (Drums), Mark Zamarron (Vocals),  Mando Tovar (Guitar), Jimmy Bell (Bass).  Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Las Cruces has spent the past several years bludgeoning audiences with their Doom-Driven Precision sound.Influences ranging from Venom, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Fates Warning to vintage Black Sabbath. Las Cruces has risen to the top of the South Texas metal heap and left its mark across the Lone Star State. With a resume that includes opening slots with such acts as Overkill, Nebula, Kyuss, Trouble, SpiritCaravan, Solitude Aeturnus, Cathedral, Monster Magnet, Bio-Hazard & many others. Formed in 1994 by George Trevino, Las Cruces began touring the Texas scene, gaining widespread recognition and the interest of John Perez, guitarist of Solitude Aeturnus & owner of Brainticket Records. Thus forging the Debut release: S.O.L.(1996-Brainticket Records). After a year of touring Texas and the Southern States, Las Cruces decided to re-enter the studio. Driven by the hunger and sharpness of old school metal along with the power melodies of 70s rock,Las Cruces released their skull-crushing follow-up, 1998s Ringmaster (Brainticket Records). Las Cruces then began some extensive touring that gained them the well deserved exposure and respect of many of their peers. During 2001 Las Cruces returned to the studio to record & release “Lowest End”. Las Cruces was also featured in “The Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal” by Author Daniel Bukszpan in 2003 as well as in the publication ‘Rockdetector music presents: “Stoner, Doom and Gothic metal” series published in 2003. Las Cruces brought the metal onslaught for the masses as they Supported their last release “DUSK” on Brainticket Records in 2010. The onslaught continues with a new release coming Late-2016.  Over the years Las Cruces have gone through line-up changes & rumors of break-up. However, these things have not foiled the bands ideology. The 2016 Las Cruces line-up is the most solid & unified members to date.


Las Cruces





Jason Kane

Jason Kane




Paul De Leon the original drummer has unfortunately left us too early due to Covid. Covid is not a joke! Jan 2021